The Benefits And Perks Of Having An IPhone

You have probably heard of the iPhone. This revolutionary device has had a huge impact on how people communicate.

Say you are surfing for a nearby dry cleaners. When you locate the number, there is no need to switch to the phone part to place the call. Just tap on the number and you then connect to the place you want to contact.

A screen is a useful investment for your iPhone. Without a screen protector, the phone is sure to get scratched and dinged. Even a tiny bit of dirt on the fingertip or keys in your finger may scratch an unprotected screen.

Are you sick of the constant notifications you receive on your iPhone? You can stop them off. Go to your apps and remove any that you do not use. Doing this will also extend the life of your battery long.

A lot of people with iPhones use Safari or Mail a lot without knowing how to save pictures from your browser. Simply tap the image that you wish to save and hold for a couple seconds. A box will come up after this period of time prompting you want to save that image.

There is no need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempts to correct a word that has been subjected to AutoCorrect.Just tap somewhere else on the screen! This closes the box and makes your life much easier.

Did you know that you can use the headphone cord to take a photo? Begin by bringing the camera on the subject you would like to capture. When you are ready to snap the picture, hit the cord button. This will process the picture. You can then save your picture like you normally would.

After reading this article, you probably have discovered some new things that your iPhone can do. Use the advice here to make the most of your phone. The more you know about your iPhone, the easier it will be to use it to make your life better.

By pauline