Great Tips To Make The Most Of Your Iphone

There is plenty of information available online that can help anyone new to the iphone. Keep reading and learn some terrific advice.

Get a keyboard that is bigger in order to browse easier with your phone’s Internet capabilities. The iphone has a larger keyboard. Simply turn your iphone horizontal and touch the address bar!

You don’t need to add “.com” to web addresses into your iphone.

You can use Siri to set reminders based on location with your iphone. You can tell Siri to remind you to do an action at a specific time. You can tell Siri to remind you to do something when you reach a certain location like home. The iphone will automatically know you are at the destination and remind you to perform your task. You can still have your reminder even if you can’t predict when you will get home.

Buy a screen protector to use on your phone. Without such a protective device, there will be scratches and nicks. Even a tiny bit of dirt on your finger may scratch the screen.

Your iphone can guide you get from one location to a new one. You can bookmark the map function to access it easily any time.

Are you sick of all the constant notifications you receive on your iphone? You may turn them off by following these steps. Check “In Notification Center”; then remove whatever you do not need. This will also add to the life of your battery.

Most iphone users are savvy with the camera app on their phones as cameras. It can be difficult to scroll through pictures after taking them. The iphone features an album facility that will allow you to organize your photos for ease of access. This is a great feature for when you are looking for a lot of time when you are looking for a specific picture.

Suggestion Box

If you are writing something and wish not to use the iPhone’s suggested words, the “X” button does not have to be tapped in order to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen anywhere and the suggestion box will be eliminated.

If you value your privacy greatly, consider limiting how much you say to Siri. Apple records pretty much all of these voice prompts you make to Siri and then stores them internally. This is to further develop the program’s speech recognition capability, and while the files are supposedly secure, everything you talk to Siri about could be recorded.

With this article’s information in mind, you are on your way to maximizing your iPhone’s abilities. Employing these kinds of tricks can make you a more efficient iphone user and make you eager to learn more ways to use your phone. The tips and tricks in the article will make you an iphone wizard.

By pauline