Making Your IPad Work For You: A Guide

The iPad represents a great piece of technology. However, so that you maximize your use of the tablet, a bit of information and know-how can be critical. Use the following advice that follows and prepare yourself to become an iPad expert.

The iOS on the iPad supports folders. To start, just tap and hold the tap on your desired application, wait for it to jiggle, and then let it go. This creates a folder with both apps.You can rename the folder if you want.

Do you get perturbed when your iPad asks if you want to join new Wi-Fi networks? This feature can be turned off by adjusting your settings. Select Wi-Fi and then turn the Ask option if you want them to disappear.

Microphone Icon

There is a speech dictation on your iPad. Just double click your home button two times and tap on the little microphone icon. After you finish dictating, tap the microphone icon again, and what you’ve said will appear as text.

The factory default iPad setting is set to preview only two lines of every email prior to you selecting it. You may want to have more than that. Just click on Settings and the select Mail.

Shortcuts will help you send messages. This can be a useful way of speeding up your friends more messages.

A great way to keep pages open is by opening them in a new tabs. When you are in Safari, simply tap on the link and hold it until you see a pop-over menu appear.

Do you hate having to tap the bookmarks icon via tapping to navigate to your bookmarked sites? You can stop this annoyance by permanently enabling the bookmark bar. Go to your Settings, click Safari and then go to Always Show Bookmarks and switch this to the On position.

You can shortcut to your running apps more quickly and easily. This tip can save you lots of time when switching between apps because you don’t have to go back to the home screen and navigate to the app.

Auto brightness can help your iPad’s battery and energy. Your iPad has the ability to sense room lighting and can adjust its own lighting to best fit the situation. This setting will extend the amount of your iPad. You can find this in “Brightness & Wallpaper” within the brightness and wallpaper option on your iPad.

The iPad has revolutionized the way we use technology. Given the amazing list of things they can do, many wonder what, if any, sorts of things it cannot do! By heeding the advice in the article above, you will soon see that the possibilities of the iPad are nearly limitless.

By pauline